We live in a country where our population, and thereby the number of cars is steadily on the rise, while the available living space is becoming rarer day by day. In such times, there is only one answer to the growing problem of lack of parking space – vertical car parking solutions brought to you by Opel, the SpeciaLifts!


In a two level car parking, one car is parked on the ground level and one on the first level. The system features a pallet that is lifted up after the car is loaded, making space for another car below the loaded pallet. These hydraulically operated systems can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Model Name System Width(mm) Platform Width(mm) Platform Length(mm) Lower Car height(mm) Lifting Mechanism Car Category
OLSS 2400 2100 4000 1800 Hydraulic Small Cars
OLSM 2500 2200 4500 1800 Hydraulic Mid Sized Cars
OLSB 2700 2400 4800 2000 Hydraulic Large Sedan/SUV's