Opel’s Restylo is the ONLY elevator modernization service that combines three fantastic aspects

Tailormade Modernization

Customized modernization packages to cover only those functions and features of customers’ elevators that genuinely need an upgrade.

System Analysis

Transparent, comprehensive audit and analysis of existing elevators

Comprehensive modernization

We offer a unique phased model, in which comprehensive modernisation takes place across pre-planned phases to suit your requirements of time and budget.

Our Solutions

  • Component upgrades / Customized up gradation
  • Adaptive Modernization
  • Full replacement
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When to modernize..?

  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Incurred frequent repairing cost
  • Has become old
  • To meet latest code requirement
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Opel offers customers a package of customized solutions for old buildings that need modernized elevators - Restylo. With Restylo, we give you the chance to customize and re-style your lift, your way!

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